Professional Teeth Cleaning for Children

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Is professional tooth cleaning necessary for a child? We all know that oral hygiene is vital not only for healthy teeth, but for the entire human body. Therefore, children's teeth cleaning from early age will help to foster a child’s useful habits and help parents to avoid a lot of trouble in the future.The better and earlier a child learns to deal with a toothbrush and toothpaste, the more chances he has to avoid unpleasant medical procedures in future.

Unfortunately, children often do not have enough patience to thoroughly obey all the hygiene rules, that’s why food left between the teeth can cause cavities and periodontal inflammation. Therefore you need professional help.

A children's dentist or dental hygienist will teach a child how to brush their teeth and how to use a toothbrush correctly, and tell about different kinds of toothpaste and which one is necessary to use. The dentist will also carry out a professional cleaning and remove any existing dental plaque, as well as strengthen tooth enamel by means of fluoridation procedure, if necessary.

Familia clinic regularly holds free training sessions for children and their parents. You can find out about the next event by phone:

044 291 01 97,  067 537 5 777