Veneers – a True Hollywood Smile

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The fastest way to get a perfect smile is veneers. The whole procedure can take only one visit to the dentist! In addition, in many situations, veneers make an excellent alternative to dental crowns.

Dental veneers are thin ceramic or composite layers, covering the front part of the tooth and perfectly masking color, shape, size defects. Veneers can also help to correct the wrong location of the teeth row and hide the interdental spaces. 

Veneer installation requires a slight enamel facing. Our computer anesthesia will make this procedure comfortable and painless. Tooth surface treatment and veneer shape correction in each individual case allows complete layer fit. Veneer color will also be selected based on the natural color of your teeth. It can be slightly adjusted by special cement which is a fixing interlayer between the ceramic layer and tooth enamel.

Veneers are durable enough and, subject to proper hygiene and usage rules, will last for many years.