The cost of the dental procedures is approximate
The final cost will be given by Your dentist after the consultation.

 Procedure Fee (Euro)

Consultation -15 minutes

Local x-ray 4,00
Ortopantomografic x-ray  (complete)  8,00 
 CT scan 1 jaw 17,00 
 CT scan 2 jaws 22,00 
Consultation-maxillofacial surgeon Prof.,MD Leading specialist 13,00
Consultation surgeon implantologist Prof.,MD Leading specialist, doctor of the highest category 12,00
Consultation-prosthesist  12,00
Consultation-dentist therapist 12,00
Consultation - dentist parodontologists  12,00
Consultation - dentist orthodontist 12,00
Consultation - dentist surgeon 12,00
Consultation - dentist therapeutist with Simplant system 13,00

Treatment of Cavities

 Superficial cavities   from 22,00 
 Median/dental cavities from 28,00
 Deep dental cavities from 32,00
 Sandwich technique   from 33,00
 Restoration of the crown part of the tooth with Enamel plus  from 40,00

Endodontic Treatment

 Single-root canal 25,00
 Root Canal -multi-rooted tooth 13,00
 Filling the canal- cold condensation methodics 19,00
 Filling the canal by hot condensation methodics 26,00
 Covering of the tooth pulp’s with “Pro-root” material  30,00
 Restoration of the root canal with “Pro-root” material  43,00

Children's Treatment

 Consultation of the children’s dentist    12,00
 Treatment of cavities without preparation (Saforide) 1 visit  from 8,00
 Photopolymer filling   18,00
 Sealing of fissures (1 tooth)   11,00
 Canal treatment   9,00
 Canal filling (single-rooted tooth)  13,00
 Canal filling ( multi-rooted tooth)   23,00
 Temporary medical canal filling with calcium paste  from 8,00
 Children’s professional cleaning  12,00
 Emergency treatment (parapasta dissection)  13,00
 Crown for temporary tooth  18,00
Temporary tooth treatment   10,00


 Professional cleaning (Air-flow method+ ultrasound)    38,00 
 Teeth Whitening (1 jaw)

 from 48,00

Treatment of Periodontal Diseases

 Gingival curettage  from  32,00
 Periodontal bandage  13,00
 Treatment of periodontal disease with Vector- system (1 tooth)  9,00
 Treatment of gingivitis and stomatitis  14,00

Fixed Dentures

 Metal root- crown inset from 40,00 
 Ceramic veneer   from 200,00
 Metal-ceramic crown  from 133,00
 Ceramic crown  from 200,00
 Metal-composite crown from 87,00
 Cercon ceramic crown   from 240,00
 Cerec inlay from 133,00
 Cerec crown from 182,00
 Cerec ceramic veneer from 199,00
 Cerec onlay from 150,00
 Cerec temporary tooth crown from 97,00

Removable Dentures

 Removable denture  126,00
 Immediate denture  (temporary) 1-3 teeth 67,00
 Partial removable dentures   130,00
 Clasp prosthesis  from 232,00
 Partial dentures based on elastic mass 120,00


 Control examination of orthodontic system                                                   10,00
 Fixation of the metal braces system (one jaw) from 306,00
 Fixation of the cosmetic ( ceramic ) braces system (one jaw) 540,00
 Fixation of the Inspire Ice braces system (one jaw) 613,00
 Fixation of the esthetic braces system (one jaw) 673,00
 Fixation of the Damon Clear braces system (one jaw) 673,00
 Apparatus for growth promotion Bio-block, Tween-block  150,00
 Correction and activation of the removable device once a month  10,00
 Invisalign system  Depends on the exchange rate
Fixation of the lingual braces system (one jaw)

Surgery and Implantology

Temporary tooth extraction  10,00
 Tooth extraction from  17,00
 Eighth tooth extraction 83,00
 Dystopated/retinated tooth extraction 90,00
 Treatment of the abscess from 40,00
 Eighth tooth’s  hood removal 20,00
 Plastics of the connection with maxillary sinus 127,00
 Resection of the root’s apex  from 147,00
 Cystectomy 130,00
 Flap surgery from 100,00
 Removal of benign tumor from 67,00
 Removal of the salivary gland’s stones 28,00
 Frenulum’s plastics  from 80,00
 Setting of the implant - Miss system 376,00
 Setting of the  temporary implant 167,00
 Setting of the orthodontic  implant  267,00
 Setting of the tapered NOBEL system implant  from 748,00
 Setting of the zirconium implant 1067,00
 Open sinuslift (on one side) 417,00
 Closed sinuslift (on one side)  267,00
 Surgical treatment of the face wound from 40,00
 Reposition and fixation of fragments of the «fresh» fractures of the zygomatic bone and arch 267,00
 Osteosynthesis in fractures of the zygomatic bone and arch (excluding the cost of materials)  400,00
 Reposition and fixation of fragments in fractures of the upper jaw - orthopedic methods (excluding the cost of materials) 233,00
 Reposition and fixation of fragments of the upper jaw fractures by osteosynthesis (excluding the cost of materials) 400,00
 Reposition and fixation of fragments of mandibula fractures - orthopedic methods (excluding the cost of materials) 207,00
 Osteosynthesis:  mini-plates in mandibular fractures (excluding the cost of materials) 400,00
 Osteosynthesis of the mandibular process (excluding the cost of materials) 900,00
 Splinting for fractures of the alveolar ridge of the maxilla  200,00
 Reposition and fixation of the displaced tooth  40,00
 Operation of the phlegmona’s section in maxillofacial area depends on the location
 Removal of the salivary gland 400,00
 Salivary gland’s bougienage 25,00
 Maxillary sinus surgery  200,00


 Consultation  dentist gnathologist 40,00
 Mouthpiece for muscle relaxation 200,00
 Correction of a mouthpiece 12,00
 Relocation of a mouthpiece 28,00
 Impression for collapsible diagnostic model 23,00
 Scanning and manufacturing of printed model 67,00