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Cosmetic dentistry attracts many patients. It is designed not only to restore the health of your teeth, but the real smile beauty as well. Modern dentistry has a wide range of methods and tools to effectively address the problems of color, shape, chips, twists, blackened sealants, and the color of natural teeth.

Today, cosmetic dentistry combines modern restorative materials and equipment, as well as professionalism of doctors. Modern resins have a unique structure, increasing dental tissue strength and functionality and a unique palette of colors, recreating any of the individual characteristics of the tooth's natural beauty.

Photopolymer resins are designed systems, consisting of the basic dentine, enamel, opalescent and intensive enamels and paints, the components of the natural tooth color. Laboratory technologies and special devices allow recreation of the desired teeth shape, smile aesthetics, smile balancing, simulation, and adaptation to your occlusion, shape, face and jaw. Wax pattern can be fit on the patient's mouth. The patient can make his adjustments, while the doctor’s professionalism will help to implement all the patient’s wishes. In fact, there is no damage to the tooth tissue, except for the cavities or removal of old fillings

Many people set teeth whitening and having dazzling snow-white smile as their goal. But first you need to understand why your teeth get darker. Perhaps this is the result of smoking or drinking too much tea and coffee. To begin with, you should have a professional hygienic teeth cleaning, which includes dental tartar, plaque and food pigments removal. These procedures are enough for light teeth whitening. But if your teeth have a natural or dark gray shade, it is possible to make teeth whitening in two ways: home bleaching (caps + gel) or hardware photobleaching in the clinic.

Before the whitening procedure, it is necessary to go through examination in order to detect hidden cavities, assess old fillings and crown condition, gums and tissues periodontal health and tissues, in other words, go through quality diagnostics.

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