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Nobel Active by Nobel Biocare is a new generation of implants.

When it comes to restoring lost teeth, the best solution would be to implantation. Implants allow you to restore the tooth to its natural form as much as possible, so that you will not feel the difference between the implants and your natural teeth.

The secret is simple. Implantation, first of all, is the restoration of the tooth root, which will become a reliable support for the ceramic tooth crown. This design allows you to fully recreate both functionality and aesthetics. Implantation is the most modern and reliable way to restore your healthy, beautiful smile and give you a chance to enjoy any kind of food.

In our clinic, the implantation process is preceded by careful planning, which is based on 3d-modeling and development of surgical templates..
3d-modeling develops a complete process of implants installation, which will be subsequently displayed on a special dental template. A surgical template, made according to individual parameters, displays the exact scheme of implantation and is an indispensable tool in the work of the surgeon. All surgical procedures are performed in accordance with the layout template. Surgery is quick, very accurate, with minimum invasive intervention.

The key to success and uncompromising quality of the Familia clinic is our reliable partner and supplier Nobel Biocare Company, which has been the global market leader in the field of innovations for implantology and cosmetic dentistry for many years.

In Familia clinic we use the Nobel Active systemwhich has a number of unique advantages:

Maximum stability even in case of depleted and weakened bone tissue. Nobel Active implants design contributes to the bone tissue strengthening around the implant and secure fixation of the titanium "root" in the bone.


Perfect Aesthetics
Nobel Active implant design of the coronal area provides optimal support of soft tissue and more natural aesthetics.


РAdjustable Implant Alignment
The implant shape and design allows an experienced doctor to adjust the position of the rod so that an optimal restoration of the tooth alignment is achieved.


Unique TiUnite Coating
TiUnite coating provides the quickest integration of the bone tissue to the implant titanium rod. Thus, the artificial "root" literally grows into the jaw bone and provides a reliable and durable fixation of the denture. Dental implants usually last the patient’s entire life.



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